Medical Care Missions.

Friends, we need medical teams to come in Uganda to help us meet the big medical needs that we have. In Uganda hundreds of people literary die every day due to lack of medical attention.

  • The following are some of the most important information for all people intending to come on the medical teams should know.
    Like all short team mission teams coming to visit us, All people coming should first set dates with us as your hosts. Then we will send you a formal invitation letter that will contain the information that you may need concerning lodging, inland travels, foods, etc. After you have sent us your flight details, we will send you the detailed program of your ministries/activities you intend to do while with us (itinerary).
  • On arrival at Entebbe airport, you will get your Ugandan Visa.

    If you want to come with some drugs, officially it is advised that you send a list of all the drugs including their expiry dates for cross examination. 
  • Some drugs could better be bought in Uganda (some common drugs for tropical countries). Many drugs for tropical diseases are imported from India and now are found in Medical stores of Uganda.
  • Our ministry is based deep in the rural of Uganda, and therefore, the need is very big for health services. Contact us for more information.

How can you be part of this project

  • Pray for us
  • Become a volunteer
  • Treat a family suffering from malaria, HIV
  • Pledge to support this project financially
  • Create for us a hyperlink in your website
  • Become our ambassador (tell your friends about us)
  • Attend one of our community events this summer.
  • Become our partner
  • Buy an equipment  ( contact us for more information )


Rapha Medical center needs ( Prayer Requests )

  • Need to thoroughly completing the medical building facility
  • Equipping the health facility with electricity for electrical appliances
  • Equipping the pharmacy with the essential drugs
  • Stand-by generator for emergency
  • Fencing the health facility for security
  • Completion of toilets to health standards
  • Well-equipped and skilled health team.
  • Dental chair, Ultra sound scan,  CD4 blood count machine
  • Sterilizer for used equipments.
  • Solar system installation as we work in rural communities, we lack electricity
  • Laboratory equipments for investigation and diagnosis
  • Need for an Ambulance van for emergency cases and fetching pregnant mothers from their homes to the health facility for delivery.
  • Need to build a nursing school for the many girls and boys who cannot further their education after high school level.
  • Need medical volunteers ( short term and long term).