SCHOOL MOTTO:     With God all things are possible

SCHOOL MISSION:  Caring for orphans, needy and marginalized children as offer holistic education for academic, social, economic and spiritual Excellency fit for global competition.

SCHOOL VISION:  To produce a Godly transformed elite generation.

School objectives:
 “To empower and support hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children with quality education, discipline, practical skills for self reliance in order to be acceptable, God fearing and healthy citizens in modern competitive society so they can positively impact the world”.
·         “To contribute to the promotion of socio-economic development through support to education and health initiatives, community empowerment and promotion of good cultural values and practices”
·         “To establish a firm Christian foundation for the less privileged, the vulnerable, the needy by lifting God among the young/ youth and through ministering the love and care to all so that He may draw all to Himself”.
·         Reducing the impact of illiteracy, poverty and HIV/AIDS in Uganda
·         To enhance access to education for disadvantaged children, and youth in Uganda
·         To contribute to improved health standards for children and youth. This is done through our medical health clinic also located at the ministry base.
·         To build the children’s self esteem and give them life skills for a better living.
·         Ensuring right to education to deprived urban children.
·         To modernize rural mind set into urban mind set though empowering the young generation with  proper education.
·         To enable student develop personal skills for problem solving in all social aspects of life.
·         Instilling and promoting national and international unity and an understanding of social and civic responsibilities.Education is a key factor to national International development. In the case of Uganda, it is the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) that is charged with the responsibility of providing high quality education in the country. The education structure currently includes the following sub-sectors: Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary, Post primary / Business, Technical, Vocational Education and Training (BTVET), University, Tertiary and Non-Formal education.

  • We need more school buildings both in primary and high school to cater for more classrooms, offices, teachers quarters.
  • Classroom desks for pupils in the primary school
  • Text books
  • More computers needed
  • Paying teachers Salaries still a big challenge
  • We need to build separate dormitories for boys and girls at school
  • We need to dig a water well / bore hole for safe and clean water for the pupils
  • We are located in rural areas where there is no electricity, so there is need for solar system installation 
  • We need to establish income generating activities so that in future we become self reliant in running ministry activities.

Aims in the short term:

  • Crest big tanks for harvesting rain water from building roofs.
  • Solar installation at primary school section 
  • classroom desks for the primary school
  • windows and door shutters at the primary existing school building
  • We need to harvest the rain water from the existing building roofs, need to purchase big water tanks and pipes etc...
  • More text books as we have very few teaching books
  • More classroom desks for our pupils and students.